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AP42 C2GTR | Wireless System, Microphone

Combination R42 Two Channel Diversity Receiver, H60/OM2 Handheld Transmitter and B60 Bodypack Transmitter with Guitar Cable

MRSP: $1000
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  • Description

    A value packed dual channel system features Audix's top selling vocal mic, the OM2, along with a wireless bodypack system for guitar.

    Designed for simultaneous use, this is the perfect wireless solution for a singing guitar player who wants freedom of movement along with an integrated system that is quick and easy to set up. Ideally suited for a band, rehearsal studio, venue or sound company, the AP42 is designed with an antenna combiner built into the system and includes a rack mount kit for front mounting antennas. A high performance, professional dual channel wireless system with the features of the AP42 C2GUITAR is simply not available at this price point elsewhere.

    Available Frequency Bands

    A = 522 MHz - 554 MHz
    B = 554 MHz - 586 MHz


    R42 Two Channel Diversity Receiver
    - 32 MHz Wide spectrum tuning receiver
    - 106 Pre-coordinated frequencies
    - One-touch auto scan searches for clear channel
    - One-touch sync links transmitter to receiver via infrared beam

    H60 OM2 Handheld Transmitter
    - 64 MHz Wide spectrum transmitter with OM2 dynamic capsule
    - Durable metal housing
    - 10 Hour run time - AA batteries

     B60 Bodypack Transmitter
    - 64 MHz Wide spectrum transmitter
    - Durable metal housing
    - 10 Hour run time - AA batteries

    30" Guitar Cable

  • What's In The Box

    • 1 x R42 32 MHz Two Channel Diversity Receiver
    • 1 x H60 Handheld Transmitter with OM2 Capsule Module
    • 1 x B60 Bodypack Transmitter
    • 1 x 30" Guitar Cable
    • 2 x Antennas
    • 1 x Audio Cable
    • 1 x Clip
    • 1 x Pouch
    • 4 x AA Batteries
    • 1 x Power Supply
    • 1 x User Guide
    • 1 x Rackmount Hardware
    • 2 x BNC Cables