AP41 L5

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AP41 L5 | Wireless System, Microphone

R41 Diversity Receiver, B60 Bodypack with L5 Micro Lavalier - Cardioid

MRSP: $650
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  • Description

    A professional bodypack diversity wireless system featuring the L5 micro-sized cardioid condenser microphone. The L5 is also available in an omnidirectional pattern (model AP41 L5O).

    The L5 is designed to provide the highest quality sound in the smallest possible package. The L5 has clarity, a low profile and the ability to accurately capture and reproduce vocals and instruments. This miniaturized condenser mic is ideal for broadcast and live sound applications including speech, interview, presentation, theatrical production and instruments (guitar, violin).

    Available Frequency Bands

    A = 522 MHz - 554 MHz
    B = 554 MHz - 586 MHz


    R41 Diversity Receiver
    - 32 MHz Wide spectrum receiver
    - 106 Pre-coordinated frequencies for quick, easy and reliable set up
    - One-touch auto scan searches for clear channel
    - One-touch sync links transmitter to receiver via infrared beam

    B60 L5 Bodypack Transmitter
    - 64 MHz Wide spectrum transmitter with L5 lavalier microphone - cardioid or omni
    - Durable metal housing
    - 14 Hour run time - AA batteries

  • What's In The Box

    • 1 x R41 32 MHz Diversity Receiver
    • 1 x B60 Bodypack Transmitter with L5 Lavalier Microphone - Cardioid or Omni
    • 2 x Antennas
    • 1 x Audio Cable
    • 1 x Clip
    • 2 x AA Batteries
    • 1 x Carrying Case
    • 1 x Power Supply
    • 1 x User Guide
    • 1 x Rackmount Hardware

AP41 L5 Components