Studio Condenser Microphones

Audix set a standard for the studio condenser microphone: it must be able to record exceptional sound at every level – from home studios to elaborate recording or broadcasting facilities. The studio condenser microphones found in this section are utilized to capture vocal, instrument and ambient sounds. While designed for the studio, it is not uncommon for Audix studio condenser mics to be featured on live stage as well.

Like the lens of a camera, the different microphone capsule sizes provide different snapshots of the voice or instrument, providing the studio engineer with a wide variety of creative choices for which to record. The SCX Series consist of two superb microphones for studio and live mediums. Both models are designed, machined, assembled and tested at Audix headquarters in Oregon.

The CX Series are traditional large diaphragm condenser microphones, offering a combination of performance and value. The CX212B utilizes a switch allowing a choice of cardioid, omni and figure 8 patterns.

The ADX51 is an electret condenser that offers exceptional performance and flexibility, while the M1280B is an example of miniaturized condenser technology with unsurpassed sound quality.

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Studio Condenser Microphones