Installed Sound Microphones

Contractor (installed) microphones are required for a full range of applications that demand sound to be captured at a greater distance than what is expected of a stage vocal microphone. With superior sensitivity and lower profile, condenser microphones are the choice for contractor use.

Applications include: gooseneck mics for podium and boardroom, hanging mics for choir or VTC (video teleconferencing) and mics used for measurement, USB and lapel.

Audix microphones are preferred by installers because they consistently provide superior fidelity, durability, versatility, and value; with ease of installation. 

The Range

Find the Ideal Microphone For Your Application

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Microphone Tutorial Videos

Watch and Learn: How to Mic Drums; How to Mic Guitar; How to Mic Vocals; How to Mic a Choir. Also, many great tips from artists and engineers about their mic choices and applications. Watch Audix Microphone Videos

Installed Sound Microphones