Dynamic Instrument Microphones

With the introduction of the D Series in 1993,  Audix introduced this idea of "application specific" microphones for drums and percussion.  This broadened the category of dynamic instrument microphones and expanded the genre of drum and percussion applications.

The D Series and Fireball™ Series microphones are designed, machined, assembled and tested at Audix in the USA. These dynamic VLM™ instrument microphones are preferred for live performance because of their utility, ruggedness, performance, high SPL handling and pattern control. Audix combined VLM™ capsule technology and a transformerless design with a precision machined aluminum housing to achieve new performance standards for high quality sound at very high sound pressure levels.

The introduction of the D6 in 2002 set the world standard for kick drum microphones. Product developments continued as we released the i5, an outstanding mic for snare drum and guitar cabinets and the Fireball™ Series of professional harmonica and beatbox microphones.

Designed for the up and coming artist, The Fusion Series delivers high performance in a cost effective package.  All Fusion Series microphones are now designed, assembled and tested at the Audix manufacturing facility in Wilsonville, Oregon. 

Audix dynamic instrument microphones are widely used by sound engineers throughout the world. Artists that tour with Audix include:  Tower of Power, Todd Sucherman (STYX), Poncho Sanchez, Travis Barker (Blink 182), Giovanni Hidalgo, Thomas Lang, Thomas Pridgen and Gregg Bisonnette to name a few.

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Dynamic Instrument Microphones