Condenser Instrument Microphones

The Audix range of instrument condenser microphones utilize two types of technology: Externally powered (DC powered); and pre-polarized (electret).

A Pre-polarized condenser, also known as an electret condenser, utilizes a ferroelectric material that has been permanently electrically charged or polarized. The name comes from electrostatic and magnet; a static charge is embedded in an electret by alignment of the static charges in the material, much like the way a magnet is made by aligning the magnetic domains in a piece of iron.

Electret condenser technology has provided Audix the means to develop miniature condenser microphones. The models in this section that feature this technology are: MicroD, MicroHD, f90, ADX20iP, ADX10FLP, ADX51, f9. Some models are compatible with Audix wireless systems and are ideal for instruments because they are small, lightweight, easy to place and sound excellent.

The balance of the models in this section are externally powered condensers. Historically, these types of condenser microphones were restricted to professional studio and broadcast applications. However, there has been a shift over the past twenty years towards higher demand and more affordability, making it much more feasible to working artists and engineers to implement these microphones on to a stage or into a studio.

All of the Audix instrument condenser microphones require phantom power voltage.

Artists on tour with Audix instrument condensers include Stanton Moore, Tower of Power, Denver and The Mile High Orchestra, Naveen (flautist for AJ Ramen) and Thomas Lang, to name a few.

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Condenser Instrument Microphones