Vocal Mic Search

Find the Ideal Microphone

Here's a simple tool that allows you to determine which Audix vocal mic is right for you. Since Audix offers a lot of vocal mic choices, we are asking you to answer 4 questions.

The more accurately you answer the questions, the more accurate the choices. Each time you change the search parameters, you will get a slightly different mix of mics, so try some different combinations to see the results. Once you narrow it down to a few choices, read the mic descriptions carefully and you should be able to figure out exactly which mic is best for you!

Performance Level

What will you be using the microphone for?

Your Vocal Style

How do you sing most of the time when you are performing?

Stage Volume

How loud is the band most of the time when you are performing?

Your Vocal Technique

How close do you sing on the microphone?