Audix Introduces M3 Tri-Element Ceiling Microphone

Posted July 2014

Wilsonville, Oregon, June 2014-Audix announced the release of the newest microphone for the installed sound industry, the M3 Tri-element Ceiling Microphone. Audix co-founder and VP of Sales, Cliff Castle, commented, "The innovative design and engineering of the M3 tri-element microphone makes it a stunning addition to the Audix conference ceiling mic series."

The M3 is the only multi-element design available with fully balanced circuits below the ceiling and a UL rated plenum box solution above the ceiling tile. The low impedance design of the M3 system allows for extremely long cable runs (if required) without cross talk or interference. Featuring a sleek profile with contemporary design, the M3 other features include:
• 100% RF shielding and immunity
• Stealth design, low profile
• Gold diaphragm capsules with shielded and fully balanced circuits
• Very low self noise
• Frequency and pattern tailored for voice clarity and rejection of extraneous noise
• Evenly dispersed sound with undetectable phase
• Adjustable cable length
• All visible components of Audix microphone are same color, black or white
• High-quality silicone jacketed microphone cable
• Includes plenum rated junction box with RJ45 connector
• Easy to install

In a statement about the M3 release, Gene Houck, National Sales Manager for Installed Sound said, "We had been receiving many requests for a tri-element microphone from our Integrators. They wanted a product that would have the same high performance features of our highly successful M70, M40 and M55 Micros conference ceiling microphone series. The M3 is an answer to that call."

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