Audix Rep of the Year - 2012

Posted February 2013

NAMM 2013

Cliff Castle, Audix VP of Sales and Marketing, announced the 2012 Audix Rep of the Year award at the annual rep and distributor meeting. This year's winner, Reflex Marketing, is headed by Bob Brennan, along with Rob Schnell and John McFadden. Covering the Metro New York, New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania regions, Reflex Marketing has represented Audix for over 14 years.

"Sales performance is certainly one of several factors considered when choosing the Audix Rep of the Year," said Castle. "Reflex Marketing showed very strong growth in their territory for 2012 in spite of the hurricane Sandy disaster, which had at least a four-week impact on business in the New York metro area. However, equally important to sales is Reflex Marketing’s success in bringing the dealer and manufacturer together as a team, providing winning results for both sides."

Bob Brennan explains,"My philosophy is that the relationship between manufacturers, dealers,and reps should function like an equilateral triangle: All parts need to interact equally for everyone to feel that they are partners. I really enjoy working with Audix and Cliff. Getting the Audix Rep of the Year award means a lot more than just 'Thanks, you sold a lot of gear.’”

Audix Rep of the Year - 2012 
(Pictured above from left to right: Cliff Castle, Bob Brennan, Rob Schnell, Gene Houck)

"This award is testimony to the strong relationships, customer service, and innovative technical support that Reflex Marketing brings to their Dealer base," added Gene Houck, Audix Sales Manager. "In addition to Audix’s significant M.I. expansion, tremendous advances have also been made in the contractor and integration markets. We have benefited directly from the great job done by integration specialist Rob Schnell."

Castle summarized,"Bob Brennan has a simple expression that really impresses me: 'It's not about being cheaper, it's about being better.' This nicely echoes Audix's own philosophy, since we strive to produce high-performing products at an exceptional value. Reflex Marketing is truly a high-performing and exceptional rep firm."

The Audix Rep of the Year award is a large-scale replica of the D6, Audix's flagship microphone. The award is machined and shaped from a piece of three-inch solid aluminum bar stock, hard-coat anodized in black, then milled to create the slotted ports. The simulated grill top and award details are engraved by laser, as is the labeling and serial number on the D6.

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