Audix Joins Forces With the Queen of Shred

Posted July 2012

Aptly described as a “One-Woman Metal Hurricane," The Commander-In- Chief is nothing if not fascinatingly complex: She is the first female seven string guitarist/singer and songwriter in metal. If that’s not enough, she writes socially relevant songs and has a global perspective which could be the result of living in several countries and speaking four languages.

Europe’s Total Guitar magazine, February 2010 stated, “Make way for the Norwegian Queen of Shred. It's a sad fact that when you think of shred guitarists, the majority of them will be men. Enter The Commander-In-Chief, a seven-string-wielding uber shredding female who's ready to melt faces and shatter stereotypes. This Norwegian Metal maiden has her eyes set to command and conquer the masses."

The Commander-In- Chief has found Audix to be an absolute, especially during a live performance. She says, “With my four octave vocal range, which includes a very unique super-sonic register, it is very hard to find a microphone that can handle all aspects of my voice, for live performances. In the Audix OM7 I have found a microphone that can capture all the different harmonies and timbres of my voice in an absolutely fantastic way. I can focus on playing my technical riffs and solos on guitar, without worrying about how my voice will sound. I also use Audix microphones for all the instruments in my line up for live shows".

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Photo:  Mike Davis

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