Audix Is On the Air with Sunset Island Music

Posted October 2012

Audix Is On the Air with Sunset Island Music

One-stop Promotional Shop for Indie Bands and Musicians


For the independent band or musician who knows they have a good thing going but just don't know how to break into the business, Sunset Island Music is their new best friend. Nearly every service needed to expose, promote and showcase up and coming artists is provided to members numbering almost 2,200 to date.

"Sunset Island Music exists to foster, promote and represent indie and unsigned bands", explains Frank Valencic, Senior VP, Programming. "It's a place where artists can directly connect with fans, record labels, and fellow musicians around the globe." Lots of other companies offer these services, but do they have almost 1.5 million international subscribers a week on over 100 Internet, youtube, satellite, FM and AM radio stations?

"Audix has been a core sponsor of 'The Sunset Island Music Show' for a number of months now", says Cliff Castle, Audix VP Marketing & Sales. "There are lots of on-line portals for indie musicians, and lots of promotional agencies working to advance the careers of new artists. Sunset Island Music has radio and TV programs broadcast around the world. When we got wind of the show, we decided to jump in and make sure that the show sound great!" 

Valencic interviews bands from all over the world via VOIP and relies on the Audix USB12 microphone for audio capture.  "I talk to bands for both the radio show and the on-line TV show via on-line interviews. The audio quality I had before was so bad, that I would have to try and dub it in later", he explains.

"With the Audix USB12, the quality is so good that I can do pretty much the opposite; use the audio from these on-line interviews as the primary audio for the radio and our TV show! The USB12 is every bit as good as the Audix condenser mic I use in the studio and it's plug-and-play!  It's truly a professional studio condenser microphone with the added convenience of being able to plug directly into the USB port of my computer ; nothing like the cheap stuff you find at the big box stores."

In addition to using the Audix USB12 for on-line work, Valencic uses an Audix CX212B for broadcast, in-studio interviews, commercials and tag production. "I'd been using an older mic for a while and when I plugged in the Audix mic, the sound just got so much better", says Valencic. "The sound is clearer, cleaner, fuller; it makes me sound so much cooler. And I know it's the CX212B 'cause that's the only thing I swapped out in my studio and it made that big a difference."

When the Sunset Island Music Show heads backstage to get exclusive band interviews, the Audix ADX10 is the  lavaliere mic of choice. "As good as on-camera mics are now, when you're interviewing someone ten feet away, and the concert is twenty feet away, these mics are the only way to go", explains Valencic. "I used to slip a wireless hand-held mic into my jacket pocket and hope for the best. With the Audix lavaliere mics we're getting really reliable audio."

Sunset Island Music is branching out into event and concert management and production. Their next event in Newcastle England is slated for October 20th, 2012 and features 10 of their member bands. "The 'Sunset Island Music England Invasion' is a big step forward for us", says Valencic. "This is a natural extension as a promotional agency; to call on our regional member bands to put on a really great show to the benefit of all." Audix mics will be there too, capturing live interviews and on-site broadcasts for Internet, satellite, AM and FM broadcast.

"Audix is the sole mic provider for our shows, and I couldn't be happier", sums up Valencic. "They're an awesome sponsor. They make every type of mic I need for my shows. All of us here at Sunset Island look forward to working with Audix for a long time to come!"

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