Wrong Gig, Right Mics !

Posted November 2011

Steve Moore is “The Mad Drummer.” While playing with Rick K and the Allnighters in 2010, a fan uploaded a video featuring Steve's seemingly out of place drum skills and entitled it, “This Drummer is at the Wrong Gig,” which immediately went viral and now has nearly 14 million views on YouTube. Steve's overnight fame has given him the opportunity to play at multiple drum festivals, including T...he Adams Drummers Festival, where he closed the show with Mike Portnoy. Steve has appeared on Tosh.O and recently made a guest appearance on the NBC sitcom, “The Office.”

This drummer may be at the wrong gig, but he's got the right mics! Steve Moore exclusively uses and endorses Audix microphones to handle his performance needs. Here is his set up:

(2) D6 w/ MAY Internal Mount (for kicks)
(1) i5 (for snare)
(2) D4 w/MAY Internal Mount (for rack toms)
(2) D6 w/ MAY Internal Mount (for floor toms)
(2) CX112 (for overheads)

This drummer is at the wrong gig - YouTube

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