Audix MicroBooms™ On Tour with HOW-TO Sound Workshops

Posted June 2013

HOW-TO Sound Workshops bring hands-on training to house of worship audio teams and worship leaders. This year's tour features the Audix MicroBoomTM system for choir and orchestra miking solutions.

Attendees are guided through all of the MicroBoom system options by audio engineer and industry expert Mike Sokol to select the proper mic capsules, bodies and boom arms to meet their particular needs. Starting with the size and layout of choirs and orchestras, recommendations are made for microphone polar pattern selection, gain needs and mic positioning.

Audix MicroBoom systems feature interchangeable omni, cardioid, hypercardioid and supercardioid (shotgun) capsules. A choice of M1250B or M1255B mic bodies is available to suit SPL and sensitivity requirements. Both bodies contain internal pre-amp and balancing circuitry for maximum level, minimum noise and RF interference protection regardless of boom length.

Capsule / body combinations are paired with rigid, lightweight carbon fiber booms available in 24", 50" or 80" lengths. Each boom includes a Mini-XLRf mic connector, shielded internal wiring to eliminated induced noise, Mini-XLRm cable connection and standard mic stand adaptor with adjustable-angle clutch.

"One of the great challenges for churches is how to deal with choir miking", explains HOW-TO founder Hector La Torre. "Many churches still simply hang two mics from the ceiling, without strain relief or the ability to change mic position. An easy solution such as the Audix MicroBoom is great, and in our workshops, it's easier to teach by simply showing the booms and mics and showing positioning options. People understand the advantages of the Audix MicroBoom system much more clearly and quickly."

HOW-TO sessions are an all-day immersive experience of hands-on training. Attendees are assigned to small-group mixing workstations where they can immediately apply what they are learning. Topics include the fundamentals of miking, mixing, processing, speaker systems and basic recording techniques. In addition to workstations, attendees can experiment in a sanctuary with a full sound system to experience and solve real-world HOW sound challenges.

HOW-TO Sound Workshops will be presented throughout summer 2013 in WI, IA, MN, KY and VA. A complete schedule of sessions is available on-line as well as an opportunity to request a HOW-TO workshop in your area.

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