Chris Denogean and Audix - Drum Microphone Mastery

Posted September 2013

The Drum Channel’s Chief Engineer Chris Denogean is one of the world’s authorities on miking drum kits. After all, The Drum Channel hosts the best drummers in the world and is the premier web destination for drummers of all musical styles. Chris is a big Audix fan and has a lot of our mics at hand. He needs them all to keep up with such a blistering production schedule!

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Thousands of hours of video instruction, performances, full band recordings and interviews are produced in-house and made available live, on demand and as a large library of DVD titles.

The Drum Channel headquarters in Oxnard,CA is a complete production facility. All audio and video assets can be mixedand matched to produce content for virtually any type of media and distribution. The facility features a sound stage that can accommodate a live audience; with control rooms for both audio and video production. It also has a full ProTools|HD recording studio and post-production suites.


Chris is a one-man crew with assistants.His duties include all aspects of audio production: P.A. setup, mixing monitor wedges and in-ears, live sound mixing, ProTools recording, mixdowns for the live stream and for records. He is also responsible for editing and mixing audio for post production as well as mixing DVDs for production. Chris wears running shoes every day!

A typical week includes a minimum of two live shows with interviews and two live streaming lessons. Regular guests include Terry Bozzio, Gregg Bissonette, Neil Peart, Chad Smith, Stephen Perkins, Chad and John Wackerman, Luis Conte, Alex Acuna, Narada Michael Walden, Peter Erskine, Mike Portnoy, Danny Seraphine and more. In other words, the "who's- who" of the drum world. These celebrated drummers draw hundreds of viewers for streamed lessons and thousands for live performances.


Chris is a big Audix fan and uses a lot of i5s and D-series mics. “They’re the standard,” says Chris. “I also really like the MicroDs for toms and percussion. Their performance is the opposite of their size. The sound is big and requires very little EQ. Their footprint, on the other hand is very small.”


Chris Denogean and Audix-SCX25A“I love working with the SCX25As,”continues Chris. “They actually sound as open as they look. I can use them on almost anything. On guitars or piano they sound amazingly huge.” Chris often uses them as room mics too. “Other mics may be camera-pretty, but they just get in the way without providing real benefits. I know I can depend on the SCX25As to look and work great. They’re simple and reliable to use.”


Chris makes liberal use of Audix D-Series mics. “Everyone already knows how great these mics are, so I always use them,” says Chris. “The D6 just does what it’s supposed to do. You don’t have to worry about anything. Put a D6 in a kick drum and it gets the sound. Ilike them even better than D4s on floor toms for that big bottom end. With other mics, I normally have to use EQ, but with the Audix D6, this is not an issue.”


Chris continues, “Sometimes I have up to five drummers on one stage playing together! With the sonic flexibility of the D6, I can get a separate character for each kick drum and that gives me the control that I need. The D6 is the one mic that every studio or live engineer needs to have.”


The i5 is another standard mic for Chris. “I love it on guitars of course, but as a snare mic, it has better response in the upper-mid frequencies. I use it on both top and bottom heads for its smoothness. Other snare mics just don’t perform as well.”


Chris often selects Audix ADX51 and SCX1C studio condenser mics for overheads. “They have great bass response and sound really huge. They’re compact and provide wide coverage for big kits when I don’t have room to place a lot of mics on a video sound stage.”


In fact, video production poses concerns not typically encountered by a studio engineer. “God forbid I put a mic in front of a drummer's face on camera!” says Chris. “Audix mics are well suited to this challenge with their smaller form factor and discrete mounting solutions. I’ve even used a MicroD as a ride mic under the cymbal. It worked perfectly. It was out of the way and sounded great. The Audix clamps are very discrete too.”


Chris just got the DP7 Mic Pack and afew more i5s to add to The Drum Channel’s already well-stocked Audix mic locker. Chris now has enough mics for three large kits at a time.


You can listen to Chris Denogean’s greatwork with the world’s leading drummers anytime at To learn more about the techniques of drum miking from a master, log-on and subscribe today.




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