Pop band REC from Athens, Greece, is the biggest Greek act of their generation, a band unafraid to take risks and experiment with their sound in the studio and on stage.

Founded in 2010, the group consists of Aris REC Loumakis (founder, producer, and frontman), along with vocalists Mike Vasiliadi and Xenia Evven.

REC's first album was released on the label LYRA, and their songs "I Change" and "Lost In Dreams" created a buzz in Greece's pop scene. The release was followed by two more major hits the following year, including "When We Love" and "Chocolat," a song that stayed on Greek charts for more than three months. For the next several years, REC went on to win multiple MAD Music Video Awards, gain millions of YouTube video hits, and top the Top 5 radio charts at a time the music industry seemed to be in a slump. Their songs have been licensed for film and TV in Greece and beyond.

REC's partners include some of the world's most successful media brands, including GoPro®, Casio, and now Audix.

REC uses the Audix Performance Series Wireless AP 41/OM5 system for their live vocals, via Kariotis Audio Lighting. For more information on the band, visit them online at: