Kristin Diable

Kristin Diable

Microphone used:
OM6 - Vocals

Kristin Diable is a singer-songwriter based in New Orleans, LA. She has been singing and writing songs since the age of six. At 18, she moved to New York City to pursue a career in music and spent five years on the NYC circuit before moving back to her home state of Louisiana. Since then, she has made made her mark as a major influencer on the roots music scene in New Orleans.

Kristin is signed to Speakeasy Records, releasing her EP Kristin Diable and the City in March 2015, which was met by regional acclaim. Songs from the EP were featured on the television series True Blood and Treme. Her new album, Create Your Own Mythology, was released February 24, 2015 and earned a glowing 4 out of 5 star review from American Songwriter Magazine.

Kristin's microphone of choice is the Audix OM6. "The sound is very precise, and it picks up the wholeness of my voice without altering it," says Kristin. "It captures the natural tone of my voice, which is important, because not all microphones do that, and you want to keep it as close to the actual sound as possible." The mic has also helped her perform more consistently, she says, and that gives her peace of mind because she knows exactly what to expect. "I know what it's going to sound like at every show. It's so helpful to know that I don't have to worry about fighting with the microphone. It's just easier to perform well when gear works well."

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