Jonatha Brooke

Jonatha Brooke

Microphones Used: Vocals- VX10

Jonatha Brooke is an American folk rock singer-songwriter and guitarist from Massachusetts. Her music merges elements of folk, rock and pop, often with poignant lyrics and complex harmonies. She has been a performer, writer, and artist since the late 1980s.

One of Audix's former product specialists Rob in the percussion department is a big fan of Jonatha Brooke. While on tour in Portland he approached me with the VX 10 for Jonatha. I said sure I would love to try it. We did at sound check and I instantly fell in love with it. (and still use it on Jonatha's vocal today)

Paul Mitchell, Jonatha's front-of-house engineer, states "I've tried everything, and nothing even comes close to the VX10 for Jonatha."