Microphones Used: FireBall V

Beatboxing since 2003 and performing everything from intimate gigs through to stadium tours across the world means Hobbit is a true stage and seasoned festival artist. His show has taken him from stages at Glastonbury Festival to Times Square in New York. In a single decade, he has accomplished much, not only for himself but for the art form as well. Hobbit has judged the UK Beatbox Championships and hosted the International Beatbox Convention in London and NYC for several years running; an honour no other beatboxer has shared and in no small part due to his impressive battle record. He is the current 2x UK Loopstation Champion, 3x UK Team Champion with '2rBeat' (previously known as 'IllBits'), most recently ranked Top 16 in the World and became World Champions along with The Beatbox Collective.

Hobbit has had the privilege to collaborate with a range of recognised artists such as Congo Natty, Foreign Beggars and UK Pop Legend Gabrielle. He has also been able to show his versatility as an artist by guest performing with comedienne Nina Conti and curated a live Beatbox and Comedy show with the incredibly funny Jarred Christmas, which has toured the UK, had a run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2014 and is due to return in 2015.

In 2010, Hobbit performed and co-wrote and performed the soundtrack and soundscape to 20 Stories High's theatre production, Ghost Boy. Three years later, he was asked to come back to create more music with cellist Hannah Marshall on their biggest show to date, Melody Loses Her Mojo. This creative and collaborative process helped lead both shows to 5 star reviews on their national tours. In early 2016 he has been asked back to join their next touring show. 

Hobbit has been using the FireBall mics since 2008 when they were first produced.  In his own words "Indeed, it is my second pair of lips! I really do love the Fireball - it would be a struggle to use other mics now as I've harnessed a lot of sounds to it."

With a new live show and more exciting projects lined up, there are no signs of stopping. Expect to see more of one of the inest beatboxers the world has to offer.


Live Video:
Live in Metz, France 2014 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7rAEOoIKBF0 Loopstation Show 
Switzerland 2014 -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e2Kcd-pZ0uk
Live on The Paul O'Grady Show - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cOESZOPXeMs

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