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Microphones Used: Harmonica- Fireball V

If you frequent You Tube and you play harmonica, chances are that you are already familiar with the lovely Christelle Berthon from France! From the age of 4 she discovered the recorder and then went on to become classically trained on oboe throughout her music education.

Somehow, at the age of 24 she fell in love with harmonica.

Soon after learning harmonica, she met Jean-Jacques Milteau (Audix family member), the foremost harmonica player in France. He graciously agreed to give her some lessons and this was the beginning of her professional commitment to harmonica.

Her decision to post some of her own playing tips, lessons and songs on You Tube has led to over 12 million hits and a huge following. Christelle's version of Sir Duke on diatonic is definitely a conversation piece for harp players, and her rendition of What A Wonderful World is her most popular video on You Tube. She has cumulated over 17 million total views on her videos. (

Christelle has chosen the FireBall V, same as her mentor JJ Milteau. She records directly into a sound card via Garage Band, with a minimum amount of effects suchas reverb and compressor.

In Christelle's own words:"I have used every kind of microphone and this one (FireBall V) is exactly what I've always had in mind - small, light with a volume control and a gorgeous sound."