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Microphones Used: Percussion- D2D4D6ADX51UEM81CADX10HT2

Jim Greiner is a multiple award winning, internationally acclaimed percussionist, corporate team building drumming pioneer, educator, inspirational speaker and drum circle/community drumming leader. Jim performs, teaches and conducts interactive rhythm sessions worldwide for corporate and community groups from his base in Santa Cruz, in the San Francisco/Monterey Bay Area of California.

Jim has been playing hand drums and percussion instruments since 1970, including two years in Africa where he was profoundly moved by the power of purpose-driven group drumming to build community bonds, invigorate and focus people, release stress and celebrate Life.

Jim is also an in-demand clinician at music stores, music camps and schools throughout the U.S. Jim is one of the pioneers of the contemporary community drumming movement, and conducts interactive rhythm programs worldwide for corporate team building, conference keynotes, communities, schools and private groups through his company, Hands-On! Drumming® Events. Jim also produces his own Rhythm Power® series of instructional/inspirational DVDs.