Microphones Used: Drums- D6i5ADX51D2  Floor- D4  Guitar- D3 Vocals- OM5

Buckcherry consists of founders, lead singer Josh Todd and co-writer, guitarist Keith Nelson, guitarist Steve D, drummer Xavier Muriel and bassist Jimmy Ashhurst. Their album "15" (recorded in 15 days!) is classic rock at its best.

Front of House engineer Stephen Shaw relies solely on Audix microphones to capture the high-energy sound of the band live on tour. Shaw bought in his first Audix OM series mic in '93. And was impressed. As he continued to work with a range of Audix mics on many of the aforementioned projects throughout the years, they continued to make an impression on him. So much so, that on his recent pairing with the Los Angeles' hard-rockers, Buckcherry, he outfitted the entire band with Audix mics"

"The D Series mics have great attack they're very durable mics," he explains. "The fact that I don't have to use phantom power on them and they sound fabulous, round and nice... is great! The drummer can whack the drums hard as he usually does and they'll still work the next show. And we're including the I Series... They have a little more punch and can take a beating."

Guitarists Stevie D and Keith Nelson are both using D3s and OM5's for backing vocals. "The D3's are great. They're very flat and don't color the sound at all. I also like the size of them, too." And on lead vocals, Josh Todd is using a wireless OM5 system with a Sabine receiver (and a wired OM5 for backup). "It's lovely to have a wireless Audix vocal mic and Sabine did a great job of working with Audix to bring that to fruition. It's just a wonderful, hard-hitting rock and roll mic.