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Fabiano Manhas

Brazilian drummer, educator, producer, and clinician Fabiano Manhas is known for his versatility and expansive catalogue, playing with some of the industry's top artists. He has worked with Bob Fitz, Platina, Madgator, Silas Fernandes, Walmyr Tavares, Mozart Mello, Zé Renato, and many others, and he has played on more than 100 records with Gospel artists and others. Since 1999, Fabiano has dedicated himself to recording and education, studying throughout Brazil, the United States, and Latin America. He recorded three video lessons in the 90s with publisher Helio Cortes - with more than 20,000 titles sold - and holds a record in workshops with more than 700 conducted since 1999.


Fabiano first started using Audix in 1997 on a recording. "I was impressed," he says. "I bought my first soon thereafter, and sometime later I had the support of the Audix distributor in Brazil, Cort Music. I fell in love with the mics, and today I am living the dream of being an Audix artist." Manhas uses the ADX51D2i5 , and D6 . "The isolation and fidelity in the capture are incredible."


For more information, follow Fabiano on Instagram @fabianomanhas. 


Q&A with Fabiano Manhas


Q: How did you get started as an artist?

A: I started wtih me parents who had a musical group and then went to study, and never stopped.


Q: What was the impetus to change the microphones you were using previously?

A: Quality always, this is my criterion.


Q: Any notable results?

A: Resolution, durability.


Q: What are your favorite features of the microphones you are using?

A: My drums sound exactly as I hear. The dynamics are perfect. The ADX51 I consider the best condenser for overheads, cymbals, and hi-hats in the WORLD.


Q: Did Audix microphones help solve specific challenges for you?

A: Many clinic tours through Brazil, Mexico, Chile, U.S.A.; have never failed.


Q: Special tips to share about how to use the microphones?

A: I think quality, design and durability are found throughout different brands, but Audix has it all. It's already proven to be great for me and I've thought they were the best in the world, long before I was an artist endorser of the brand. Use in any situation, concerts, you will never be disappointed.